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What is HYROX?

Established in Germany in 2017, HYROX has become the fastest growing fitness sport in the world with races in more than 11 different countries and over 30 different cities.

HYROX is a race that is made up of a short run followed by specific work outs. Events are held on certain date across the world and at various indoor locations which means you can compete on a global level. HYROX features a global leaderboard and cumulative world championships at the end of each race season.

At CrossFit in Watford, we can help you train and prepare for HYROX. Come and join us to train with friendly, experienced coaches and alongside like-minded people.

What is the HYROX race format?

HYROX combines a 1km run followed by a functional workout station which is repeated eight times. The workout stations are:




Sled Push


Sled Pull


Burpee Broad Jumps




Farmers Carry


Sandbag Lunges


Wall Balls

At CrossFit Cassiobury, we train pros and fitness enthusiasts from Watford, Holywell and throughout Hertfordshire for HYROX. Find out more by calling us on 07722 516281.

Who can take part in HYROX?

Whether you’re a professional athlete or a fitness enthusiast, the HYROX race is open for everyone – simply choose from one of four race categories:

    1. Open

    suitable for individuals looking for a challenge

    2. Pro

    suitable for experienced racers with heavier weights

    3. Doubles

    run with a partner, then split out the workout stations between you

    4. Relay

    comprising teams of four, each teammate completes two runs and two workout stations

    HYROX welcomes all participants of all ages. There’s no qualification to enter and no finishing time restriction so you can race at your own pace. You can also race in front of the continuous support of friends, family and other participants.

    Why choose CrossFit Cassiobury to train for HYROX?

    If you like the sound of HYROX, why not join us here at CrossFit in Watford and train for your next HYROX event?  Here’s what we can offer you:

    • Access to weights, row machines and other equipment which will get you ready for HYROX and used to the various race elements
    • Personal training with friendly and experienced coaches who have competed in events and will work with you on a tailor-made programme to help you achieve your goals
    • A range of membership options which allow you to train with us according to your training frequency and whether you’re training alone or as part of a team
    • A welcoming atmosphere where you can train with like-minded people
    • A free nutrition guide for all our members

    We welcome all new clients from Holywell, Watford and throughout Hertfordshire and look forward to training with you!